When : Summer of 2017

What : Lighting design project

Where : Future Factory, Mumbai

Brief : At my internship, my manager gave me a personal project for the summer, post my learnings and observations at the design studio. I was asked to construct a lampshade that is contemporary, unique and manufacturable.


Further Inspiration

I also referenced a lamp I made a few months earlier, as a recycling project. I visited the recycling center and gave myself the challenge of making a lamp using a single recycled item. I found a massive pile of these fun, pre-school rulers that I decided to use. Below is my process for that lamp wherein I experimented with positive and negative space, as well as form and structure. 


I began my process by sketching out various organic and geometric forms that I perceived as 'modern'. I wanted a dynamic, interesting structure for my lamp so the distribution of light would be playful instead of static. I had to work with an existing stand available at the office, which limited my ability to adjust height and fixture, but this also created an interesting constraint that really helped guide my design process. 

Untitled_Artwork 20.jpg

Construction Process


I finally chose a multi-tiered lamp that was essentially split into thin sections layered one on top of the other. I picked this shape as it was  collapsable and could be stored away/ shipped easily. Since I had to make a working prototype, I chose cardboard and string as my materials which allowed me to hand make the design. Moreover, my use of sustainable material stems from the recycling project, which was a wonderful sustainable product. 

The Final Outcome

My lamp, that I named 'Ridges', was a beautiful combination of form + lighting, that dispersed the light to throughout the shape in a decreasing gradient. The suspension of the pieces using thin fishing wire, made it appear as if the slices were floating. The dip of the shape towards the middle gave the form fluidity and made it more interesting for the viewer. I would ideally place this lamp in the living room for mood lighting or in a modern office space. 


Learnings + Feedback

   While I did enjoy the outcome, these are changes/improvements I would make based on feedback I received -

  • Explore form further by trying out different silhouettes of shapes/figures (a rocket for example or a human form?)

  • My ideal material selection would be plastic - for easier cleaning + durability

  • Attaching a slim lighting strip upwards on the stand for better distribution of light (top most areas were dimly lit).

  • Experimenting further with color and transparency for more dynamic shadows.